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Your big rough hand on my soft white bottom (ouch, not too hard).

Homemade Porn Videos Mistress Cassandra I'm a bad girl. I need to be punished and a little spanking would be just what I need.

Even one where for most of the time you are equal to each other, and (shock horror) have a laugh together like any other couple in love.

'Emotional rollercoaster' doesn't begin to cover it.

Pain and ‘punishment’ is a major part of the dominant / submissive dynamic.

However, unless you’re uber hardcore (and most people aren’t) they aren’t the way real life disagreements and arguments are sorted.

Leaving aside the fact that any boyfriend, partner or husband who makes a suggestion like that relating to their other half's body deserves a swift kick in the shins, D/s is something which anyone can indulge in should they wish to.

You don't have to be stick thin, young, or even able bodied - there's enough ways you can enjoy a power dynamic that don't involve the need to wear lycra.

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