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Method of dating fossils

This indisputably necessary consequence of his actions should ironically put a huge kink in the pro-life arguments from the church.God aborts countless unborn children for the questionable sins of their parents, yet the church expects society not to do the same?Infants and young children who do not possess the intellectual capacity to tell right from wrong were also casualties of the flood! These are hardly the actions of the loving God depicted in the New Testament.The innocent children didnt deserve the fate God inexcusably dealt them, end of story.I can think of no superior example thoroughly demonstrating why the Bible is not the holy word of any deity than the tale of Noah and his ark.

The flood was for naught, yet God carried out his horrific genocide anyway.I find this to be the most disturbing and perhaps the most ridiculous premise ever conjured by the human mind.The author clearly tells the story from the perspective that God had just recently realized the way the world had become.Helpless animals also suffered the horrible fate of the children.However, given the apparently twisted love that God has for smells from animal sacrifices (Genesis No one has ever found the enormous ark even though we know its final resting place is among the mountains of Ararat located around present-day Turkey (Genesis 8:4).

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If this was the case, why do we now possess their journals made before, during, and after this global deluge?

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