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It was so well received that he repeated it at an old ferry terminal in Brooklyn last year.

All the buildings represent a vanished age of Victorian workmanship.

, Byrne delves into the external influences that affect the creation of music, as well as how we listen to it.

The latest edition of the book, which was published on May 2, includes a new chapter about what David describes as "the latest developments in music discovery." Meanwhile, Byrne will take to Reddit for an hour-long online chat about the new edition of his book and other topics on Thursday, May 11, starting at 2 p.m. For more about How Music Works, visit Penguin Random

The organization supports activists and concerned citizens around the world who use video to document human-rights abuses.

Like his friend and collaborator Brian Eno, Byrne has turned himself into a paradigm of how to run an artistic career in our era of cultural disintegration, where traditional certainties are dissolving by the day.

I didn't know a lot of Talking Heads and David Byrne, so it wasn't really clear how much of an expert he was on the matter.

After reading, however, I have to say that it is a great book, both for the casual fan and for the hardcore music connoisseur.

There was a Bauhaus dictum that said you should use the materials appropriate to the idea – that there is a best medium for each kind of idea you have.” He first experimented with Playing the Building in response to a commission from the Fargfabriken gallery in Stockholm in 2005.

The Swedes presumed he’d devise a conventional art exhibition, but he was so enraptured by the building’s cast-iron columns and steel girders that he decided the structure itself should form the exhibit.

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