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He was attending a jewelry show and needed me to send his diamond supplier money to pay for a shipment.He made it sound urgent and gave me a name and address in Ghana where he could get the best quality diamonds at the best price.DEAR ABBY: I was recently the target of a romance scam on a popular singles website.After being a divorcee for 15 years, I decided to try online Ghana's First Premium Online Dating app which helps single Ghanaian's (Home and Abroad) and other Nationals to find cherished relationships that will most likely lead to marriages.According to the founder, Felix Asmah, the app is free to sign-up and very simple to navigate privately in searching for partners who share same interests.A couple of telltale signs people should be aware of: First, if you don't talk to them or their cellphone seems to have a very bad connection, it's likely they aren't in the country.Second: If you can't meet in person, it's likely they're pretending to be someone else.

He said he was a widower with an adult daughter and a jeweler by trade, living near me but returning to Florida the next day with ultimate plans to relocate to my area.

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According to a recent FBI report, romance scams made up more than 10 percent of the 0 million in Internet crimes committed against Americans last year.

Readers, as much as you might want to believe the impassioned appeals, guard your hearts and your bank accounts from these scammers. Protect yourselves by visiting and learning how dozens of these scams work and where to report it if you have been victimized.

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