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In 2004, Harvard University awarded him with "Artist of the Year and Humanitarian Award" as well.Lopez has always been a talented standup comedian since 1983. He started hosting a morning show on the radio from Los Angeles and became one of the first few Latinos to have their own show in the mainstream radio.He has been given a "Spirit of Liberty award" by People from the American way.Time Magazine has also honored him by including him in their "25 Most Influential Hispanics in America".It was this big malfunctioned family with Lopez as the captain of the ship.

His famous show of this decade include Nothing beats the joy of watching your favorite music artist perform live!He has also been a fearless stand up comedian who would crack jokes about everything including race and ethnic relations.No road is distant enough for him to travel and his own Mexican American culture remains his favorite target for sarcasm.The film is based on a true story about four undocumented Mexican-American teenagers from Phoenix who team up to build an underwater robot that wins the national robotics competition.Marisa Tomei portrays a teacher whose belief in the rag tag team helps lead them to success and Lopez plays the teacher supervising the students.

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Do you remember the uproarious sitcom George Lopez?