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Females for dating mumbai

It is also the centre of Indian film and television industry that earns crores of Rupees as revenue for the state every year from the rest of the country as well as from overseas market.

The major industries of Maharashtra are cotton textiles, machinery, chemicals, transport, electrical and metallurgy.

You can find this mentioned in the account of a contemporary Chinese traveler, Huan Tsang.

Earlier, as per historians, Dravidians were the inhabitants of Maharashtra and the forest region was called Mahakantara or Dandakaranya.

With six administrative districts and five main regions, Maharashtra has 19 Rajya Sabha or Upper House seats and 48 Lok Sabha or Lower House seats.

The history of Maharashtra is quite rich as some of the great rulers and kings have ruled this region, leaving behind some of the greatest traces of cultural heritage.

Maharashtra has a tropical monsoon climate and the annual rainfall is between 400 mm to 6000 mm annually, with the Konkan area receiving the maximum rainfall in the state.

There are over 350 forts in Maharashtra depicting its historic past - the largest number in any state in India.Surrounded by the Arabian Sea to its west, Gujarat to its northwest, Madhya Pradesh to its north, Karnataka to its south and Chhattisgarh and Telangana to its East, this state of India is 3,07,713 sq km in area.Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra as well as the financial capital of the entire country.Software industry is doing very well in this area and the state contributes to almost 30 percent to the software export of India.Maharashtra is well known for producing agricultural crops like rice, bajra, jowar, wheat, several types of pulses, onions, turmeric, and several types of oil seeds like sunflower, groundnut and soyabean.

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The state has a varied landscape and is bounded by the Western Ghats.

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