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Explain what the open dating system is

Since 1900 is incorrectly treated as a leap year in these systems, January 0, 1900 actually corresponds to the historical date of December 30, 1899.

Computers do not generally store arbitrarily large numbers.

query optimizer relies on up-to-date statistics for tables, schemas, and the database.

It is still very common in Taiwan to date events via the republican era.If an end user interaction with dates and times is required, the software will nearly always convert this internal number into a date and time representation that is comprehensible to humans.The following table lists epoch dates used by popular software and other computer-related systems.Stale statistics can cause the optimizer to choose a less-than-optimal plan for executing a query.The query plan that the EXPLAIN statement creates contains information about statistics.

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The official Japanese system numbers years from the accession of the current emperor, regarding the calendar year during which the accession occurred as the first year.

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