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Dating services in orange county

Check to see if section 10 has been completed by the judge on the form Temporary Restraining Order (CH-110) to determine what forms must be served and when they must be served by.

The forms normally must be served at least five days prior to the hearing.

Usually, you will not have the opportunity to speak to the judge until the hearing date.

If the judge grants the Temporary Restraining Order, KEEP A CERTIFIED COPY OF THIS ORDER WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES, in case you need to show it to a law enforcement officer.

KEEP A CERTIFIED COPY OF THIS ORDER WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES in case you need to show it to a Law Enforcement Officer.

The Civil Division Clerk’s Office staff can help you with this.After completing the forms, you will file them in the Civil Division Clerk’s Office no later than pm, Monday – Friday.If the restrained person has used or threatened to use violence against you or has stalked you, you may not have to pay a filing fee.IMPORTANT: If you are at least 65 years old, or a dependent adult, you can file a civil harassment restraining order against someone that you are not close to, BUT you can ALSO file an elder/dependent adult abuse restraining order, which may be better for you because you may be able to get more help before, during and after the court case. A Criminal Protective Order, however, always has priority over any other type of restraining order.That means if the criminal order is different from another restraining order, it will supersede any other orders as the primary order that must be obeyed.

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A Criminal Protective Order can expire for reasons beyond your control.