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Born to race 1988 online dating

Join me in heralding this new dawn for our people and awakening the spirit of European Aryans everywhere, from the lowest walks of life to the highest. Introduction: During the twentieth century humankind witnessed the quickest leap in human knowledge and technology ever in recorded history.

Since the oldest known records of civilization, advanced societies have risen and have fallen, but none have advanced so rapidly as western civilization.

But most importantly the disinformation campaign has been designed to fracture the solidarity of the white/Aryan race, so as to rob us of our destiny as the pinnacle of human evolution and the leaders of the world.

This treatise revisits and revises the occult understanding of the history of human civilization, and more importantly the history of the Aryans.

And may a similar evolutionary leap have occurred in the distant past, during a period of humankind’s prehistory?

To some, this information will seem so outside the norm of what they have been taught their entire lives that they will choose to reject it, out of cognitive dissonance or the fear of having to confront a false world view that many if not most have held since childhood.

This global cataclysm is believed to have plunged humankind into the darkness of ignorance for over ten millennia, yet intrepid explorers, archeologists, and theorists have discovered and catalogued a great deal of evidence which indicates that this civilization once existed.

This ancient empire, known by many names like: Atlantis, Avalon, Aztlan, Atala, Thule, Hyperborea, Hy Brazil, etc. Yet this fabled land as well as much of its extended empire, was nearly destroyed in a great global cataclysm.

This acceptance will require a total paradigm shift for most, a radical mental reprogramming that can make the most powerful of men cower in fear…fear of the radical kind of change that will bring about a total transformation of one’s way of life, ones relationship with others, and how one views their place in the world.

Likewise, if you choose to accept and proclaim the truth within these pages you will find yourself amongst the growing ranks of social pariah unable to express the truth locked inside them to family, friends, or the public at large without fear of being alienated or even persecuted for attempt to share their enlightenment.

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